Our story…

Metro Docket has been serving law firms for more than 15 years. We serve a wide range of firms from single lawyer to multi-lawyer. We take pride in providing quality, personalized services for our clients. Metro Docket specializes in all aspects of Court services. We truly act as a professional liaison between your office and the Court.

On many occasions, the Court has recommended Metro Docket as a method of expert, precise Court processing. Metro Docket is proud that we count as clients many firms and individuals that emanated from Court recommendation. We provide daily pick-up and next day return to lawyers in the Cleveland area, including both the east and west side. Regular pick-up from your firm can be requested for a modest cost.  Expedited services are also available. Firms outside of the Cleveland area can ship their documents to Metro Docket with immediate processing upon receipt.

Metro Docket is expert in the complex and fast-moving Court arena. Electronic communication is available and checked frequently – even when we are in Court. We have access to lawyers for different assignments to assure appropriate conclusion to your needs and Court appearances if the need arises. We are pleased to count law firms, title companies, collection agencies and many organizations as our clients that require professional legal Court services.

Metro Docket would like to count you as a client. We do not require exclusive contracts, just a commitment to work together. As a part of this commitment, your work will be processed specifically to your needs. You will also receive an itemized bill, so if you choose, you have the ability to easily request reimbursement from your client; thereby turning what may be a cost-of-doing-business into revenue generation. Hiring Metro Docket not only generates revenue but also helps you to streamline your business. You do not have to provide us with benefits that an employee may receive, including office space, paid time off, health insurance, and pension.

Please call 216.781.8933 for your service. There are no answering machines or selectors. Metro Docket will answer your call. We are in Court every day, all day, working to meet your Court needs quickly and confidently.